Rally Schedule

If you want to host a rally, pick a park, pick a date and notify Roy Beavers at secwebmaster@wbcci.net. I’ll post it as quickly as possible.

Albuquerque Balloon Festival

October 6-10 Hosted by Region 11, you are invited to join others from SECU to caravan to Albuquerque and enjoy all the festivities surrounding this fun event.  For more information, see the SECU Facebook page.


Alumalina Fall 2017

October 26-29  Hosted by Region 3 First Vice President John Leake at Palmetto Cove Rally Park in Cleveland, SC. No park reservations are needed, but you must register on the Alumalina RSVP Page at Air Forums There is a unit limit so register as soon as the page is online.


‘Tellus’ About Your Holiday

December 7-10  Hosted by Mike and Nancy Gore at McKinney Campground in Acworth, GA.  The rally includes the Tellus Science Museum and the Holidays.  Decorate your trailer however you celebrate the holidays at this time of year.  On Saturday we’ll make the 15 mile trip from McKinney Campground to the Tellus Science Museum.  This is no ordinary science museum but one large enough to have something of interest for everyone.  There are permanent exhibits such as the Mineral and Fossil galleries, and the Science in Motion exhibit to name a few.  The rotating exhibits do just that, they rotate and as of yet we have no idea what will be in place for December.  On a previous visit the exhibits included Model Trains, Rocks and Cars showing the advancement of the Motorless Carriage.  The museum will cost no more than $15/per person (prices vary according to age) and their Planetarium is $2/per person.  We hope to see you there!  For more information on the Tellus Science Museum go to: http://tellusmuseum.org/ .   For Campground reservations go online to: https://www.recreation.gov/camping/mckinney-campground/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=71289


Canopener 2018

January 4-7, 2018 As usual, this promises to be a great event and a wonderful way to start the new year Airstreaming with your friends.  Join the group at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park 7525 W CR-30A Santa Rosa, FL. Make your reservations at Reserve America


Farmlife in FL 2.0

February 7-11, 2018 Hosted by Lisa Forsyth and Brett Greiveldinger.  Come join us in Land O’ Lakes Florida for a few days of rest and relaxation or keep yourself busy with activities in the local area. There will be food, there will be friends, there will be live music! Come join the SECU for Farmlife shenanigans! LIMITED TO 50 TRAILERS! Rally electric and water only.  Register on the SECU Facebook page. Not a SECU member?  Contact Beth Hackney to join.